zeeWave Sound

Game Audio Studio specializing in sound design, music & audio implementation for video games and interactive projects



Sound Design

Your project is unique, and so is the way it should sound.

We develop an integral sound design solution, creating and implementing high quality sound effects. Let´s take immersion and fun to the next level!.

Music composition

Music transmits emotion, and that makes it a powerful way to complete and enhance the game experience.

We design a music system adapted to the needs of your game, creating original high quality tracks, with both linear or layered approaches.

We also propose and develop interactive features, beautifully implemented in your game engine, if needed.

Audio implementation

As an avant-garde audio studio, we work with the most advanced software for audio design development.

We are experts using middleware such as Wwise, FMOD or any other.

We can also throw in some ideas to create interactive features in the game, and find the best possible way to implement it in your game engine.

Immersive audio

For a full-immersive experience it´s crucial to make the audio design as accurate as possible.

We develop immersive audio for 3D videos, VR, AR, and MV projec.