zeeWave Sound

Game Audio Studio specializing in sound design, music & audio implementation for video games and interactive projects




ZeeWave Sound offers sound design (creation effects of impact, sound environments), dialogues (voiceovers, voices of characters), musical composition and integration with video game engine programming (Unity 3D, FMOD and Wwise).

The audio is much more than a game using libraries of sounds, is to create and properly design and interactive music for every sound and every project.



ZeeWave Sound team brings a long history of producing large audiovisual works in developing sound design, live sound, post production and audio mixing.

The audio is as important as the image and sound that we all work required from capturing sound until post production.

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[bra_team_member member_name=”Jordi Gutierrez” member_position=”Audio director – Game Sound designer – Composer” member_img_src=”” member_social_list=”” member_columns=”3″]

Founder zeeWave Sound.

The tech sound and music are my passion along with video games.

I enjoy recreating sound effects and ambiences that fit properly in virtual worlds.

I had a Spectrum ZX81 that helped me start programming sounds (bleeps and blooper).

My musical references are des-classical and popular of the more modern and interests.[/bra_team_member]

[bra_team_member member_name=”Jairo Moreno” member_position=”Producer – Composer” member_img_src=”” member_social_list=”” member_columns=”3″]


It is our musical guru, a zombie and a genius of creativity and musical sound.

It has a SID has classes Theremin in Alaska and is a big fan of Bob MOOG.[/bra_team_member]

[bra_team_member member_name=”Marc Melgosa” member_position=”Sound designer – Boom Operator” member_img_src=”” member_social_list=”” member_columns=”3″]
‘No mics no show’ This is how each proposed project.

Specialist microphone.

It’s very methodical while placing the entire arsenal microphonic to capture the best sound.

Amounted to Matagalls cycling.[/bra_team_member]