zeeWave Sound

Game Audio Studio specializing in sound design, music & audio implementation for video games and interactive projects



Sound Design

Your video game needs some sounds.

We take care that your project has the best and sound sound, and we believe that your project is unique, for these we create unique sounds and original sounds for your project.

Music composition

Music have to transmit emotions to player.
We create musical original and musical adaptive design for your game.
If you have a musician or musical themes for your game we create music adapted design with these music themes for best experience..

Audio implementation

We are a avant-garde audio studio.
We work with the most advanced software for audio design develop.
We are passionate working with middleware.

Immersive audio

For a experience immersive audio project the audio need have more accurate
We develop audio immersive for 3D videos, for VR, AR, and MV projects.